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Environmental Policy

Hielan Garden Services

Environmental Policy

Hielan Garden Services (Tree Surgery and Gardening) understand the importance of preserving the environment both locally and at global levels.  It is our policy to minimise the environmental impact of all our work and take every possible measure and precaution to avoid damage to the environment, flora and fauna.  We strive to limit pollution and ensure that all our work is environmentally friendly and sustainable.


Many of the animals and their habitats which we sometimes encounter are protected by law.  Guidelines set out in the Wild life and countryside Act 1981 and Countryside rights of way Act 2000 and recognise protected wildlife species including birds, bats, red squirrels, pine martins and badgers to name a few.

It is important that before we undertake any type of work we carry out an animal presence survey to enable us to comply with these laws.  This enables us to inform our customers of any protected species which may be in the area and how their presence could restrict, delay, postpone or stop any work.

Tree Preservation

Where possible it is our policy, promote re-planting as this helps re-establish the local environment rather than detract from it. Encourage pruning when required, thus reducing tree felling.  We protect and respect the environment, flora and fauna.

We encourage leaving eco-friendly piles/habitat piles of waste produced and tree stumps to minimise the impact on the local fauna and to encourage wildlife diversity, but we also recognise that some customers would prefer that waste produced and tree stumps are removed completely and we are happy to comply with the customers wishes.

We encourage our customers to install bird and or bat boxes where appropriate,  while we are working on any tree and we are more than happy to hang these without charge to the customer.


We recycle or re-use all waste produced accumulated throughout our work and when any work in complete. Wood or wood chips are sold or donated to be used as either firewood or garden mulch and all other green waste is sent to authorised recycling facilities registered with SEPA  in order to minimise landfill usage and comply with the law.  Hielan Garden Services is a registered SEPA waste carrier.   

Carbon Footprint

 Hielan Garden Services have taken a number of steps to reduce our overall carbon footprint. All vehicles and machinery are regularly serviced ensuring maximum fuel efficiency and alternative green fuels are used where possible. We use tools and equipment designed to be more environmentally friendly.

We use battery power tools/equipment when possible, reducing carbon emissions and noise pollution.

All our vehicles and machinery is never left idling when not in use, to ensure fuel, fumes and noise pollution is reduced.  All our work and journeys are all planned.  We use bio-degradable fuels/oils/ for chainsaws and machinery.  Recycle all our waste produced where possible.  Excess timber is re-used for timber products or firewood.  Hielan Garden Services continually assess our operations and our environmental impact and continue to make improvements.  We listen to our customers and action any concerns they may have.  We promote good arboriculture industry practice in order to reduce our carbon footprint.

We continually assess our environmental policy and all our operations seeking out and implementing new advances in technology or working practices to continually improve our high standards and ensure that we are doing our absolute best to minimise our environmental impact.
All out staff are aware, recognise and are encouraged to promote and adhere to our environmental policy and its legislation in ensuring Hielan Garden Services implement our environmental policy/strategy now and for the future. 

Kenneth Fraser
Hielan Garden Services
June 2023
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